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About FSE
The goal of the FSE Project is to provide an easy-to-modify CMS.

SF.NET Site Description
FutraSiteEngine is "yet another" website engine, aka CMS. It allows skinning to change it into different websites, like blogs or file sharing sites. FSE is coded in either ASP.NET or PHP (Phalanger or PHP5). This allows FSE to be cross-platform, so it can function on any kind of server OS. FSE is licensed through the W3C License.

A Little History
FutraSiteEngine (FSE) was started in 2004 with a single goal: To provide an easy-to-modify (heavily, without screwing anything up) Content System. FSE was originally coded in ASP.NET, but changes have made that goal even more possible, with the addition of Phalanger/PHP/ASP.NET, FSE can provide even easier modification with cross-platform ability.

FutraSiteEngine (FSE) is licensed under the following licenses:
1. The W3C License

Copyright © 2005 by The FSE Team and Contributors
All Rights Reserved. You may not reproduce this website in anyway.

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